Maxime Szyf

Creative Partner, Yellow Window (Belgium)

Maxime Szyf has been a designer since his childhood. After product development studies in Antwerp, he worked at Samsonite Europe (Oudenaarde) and Verhaert (industrial design in Antwerp) before starting his own office in 1998. As a Creative Partner at Yellow Window design, he works on products and services in various categories with DESIGN THINKING as core expertise and where the user is central. He combines observation and co-creation, analysis and creativity to guarantee sustainable and measurable ROI (return-on-innovation) for the challenges of a changing world.


Measurable User Experience in the Liveability Context
Since liveability is not just a tangible outcome of adequate and desirable urban conditions but also the perceptions people have of urban life, one must consider both the city on the ground and the city in the minds… (Pacione 2003)

Within this context we should be able to enhance the experience of liveable cities and regions, taking the dynamics of the fast changing pace of local culture, demographics, socio-economic, mobility and environmental changes into account.

Designers can assist institutions, politics and long-term strategist to sense and value the experience need of the citizens, translate emotions into ratio and the assist in engineering better and measurable master plan and design briefs for the day after tomorrow…




Service Design as a Transformational Change Engine

12 JUN Tuesday

9:15 am - 1:00 pm

Opening Ceremony + Forum 1 – Vision for Future Cities

13 JUN Wednesday

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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