David Yeung

Founder, Green Monday (Hong Kong)

David Yeung is a noted environmental advocate and Founder of Green Monday, an innovative social venture that takes on climate change, food insecurity, health issues and animal welfare with a diverse platform that shifts individuals, communities and corporations towards sustainable, healthy and mindful living.

Under Green Monday Mr. Yeung launched Green Common – the world’s first plant-based green living destination – to introduce a revolutionary food and lifestyle experience. The movement of Green Monday has now spread to 33 countries, with 1.6 million people practicing Green Monday at its Hong Kong origin.

Awards and recognitions won by Green Monday and Mr. Yeung include “50 Most Innovative Companies”, “100 Most Creative People in China”, “Asia 100 Pioneers”, “Ten Outstanding Young Persons Hong Kong” and “Best Idea of the Year”. He is also the author of a number of best-selling books on Zen wisdom and mindfulness. Mr. Yeung is a graduate of Columbia University and a Director of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI), Hong Kong AIDS Foundation and Hong Kong Buddhist Association.


The Green Food Revolution and Social Innovation
Can the current food system support a foreseeable 9 billion population by year 2030 in a healthy, sustainable and humane way?

Creativity and innovation are key to shaping a liveable, healthy lifestyle in a holistic, sustainable, inclusive and innovative way.

To co-create a liveable world, everyone plays an indispensable role in making changes happen. Corporates are to act responsibly, consumers behave consciously and governments lead with vision.

David Yeung, an environmental advocate and founder of Green Monday, a social venture that addresses healthy living and food insecurity, will share his views on the forces that will disrupt the industry and explore opportunities for a liveable future.



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