Sam Hannah-Rankin

Director for Public Sector Innovation, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victorian State Government (Australia)

Sam Hannah-Rankin is the Director for Public Sector Innovation for the State Government of Victoria in Australia. The Public Sector Innovation branch supports new ways of working with and within government, and includes the Public Sector Innovation Fund, the Behavioural Insights Unit and the cross-government Innovation Network.

Sam specialises in growing innovative business in mature organisations, and has held senior executive roles across industries including identity services, banking and digital communications. She has also worked as a management consultant across both the public and private sectors


Procurement and Design – Challenges and Opportunities in Government
Procurement is a particular challenge for public sector innovation.

We know that a focus on probity and public values is critical to good procurement outcomes. However, new ways of working and more volatile environments mean that traditional linear procurement processes – specifying, going to market and building to requirements – can actually become obstacles to delivering public values.

This session will look at how we can start thinking about procurement differently:
– How can more collaborative models be used while still ensuring good practice?
– What new models can we use to improve procurement processes?
– How can we use design to improve the public values we create with our providers?




Forum 3 – Public Sector Innovation

14 JUN Thursday

9:15 am - 1:00 pm

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